Environmental Consulting, Inspections and Compliance Requirements for Horizon Lines Construction Project

SPECCO provided environmental and engineering site assessment for the understanding and management of the storm water runoff of various sites, developing alternatives for Best Management Practices (BMPs) for the treatment of storm water runoff, design of the BMPs, Development of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Site Inspections, Sampling, Trainings ensuring compliance with the NPDES permit program.

This project commenced when they established Storm Water Regulations in Puerto Rico, the total amount of the project has been more than $100,000. This is a continuing and ongoing project with SPECCO, we provided our services for the design of the project and developed the SWPPP, but are still providing our services for the regular inspections, sampling, trainings and plan revisions to be in compliance with the Federal and State Regulations.

Maintenance Inspection Reports are provided for each month describing the site condition at the time of inspection (weather, hydrology), maintenance that was performed at the site for the month and any follow-up maintenance that is required. The report includes photograph showing different portions of the project site each month.