Banesco USA – Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

SPECCO provides EC services for conducting Phase I and Phase II ESAs following the ASTM E1527 – 13. Standard Practice for ESA as requested on an as needed basis for multi-familiar, commercial and industrial properties for Banesco USA. Projects are ongoing and involve multi-agency support and involvement including public and private sector stakeholders.

SPECCO personnel have managed over 500 due diligence projects throughout the Caribbean and Florida following ASTM Designation E 1527-13 and the new All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI) standards detailed in ASTM E 1527-05. Some of our Phase I ESAs go beyond the scope of the ASTM Standard by providing to our clients additional assessments such as Lead-based paint investigations, asbestos surveys, radon surveys and testing, Indoor air quality assessments and other studies specifically requested by our clients.

In addition to executing the Phase I assessments, many of the sites transitioned to Phase II evaluations involving groundwater and soil investigations to evaluate whether these environmental media had been impacted and, if so, to what ex-tent. On several of these Phase II projects, cleanup cost estimates were provided to assist the client during contract negotiations and ensuring that appropriate funds were set aside for cleanup of the properties that were impacted.

Our Phase I and II ESAs are completed by experienced staff and all are directed by environmental professionals with a minimum of 5 years’ experience. We have the available staff and experience to complete multi-site portfolios with very short due dates. Work carried out during the ESAs included reconnaissance of the subject and adjoining properties, personal interviews, and review of historical records and regulatory databases in an effort to identify evidence of recognized environmental conditions that may impact the property.