Established Management Processes/Procedures

Since our company has been in operation for more than 16 years, it is a good indicator that proper management processes and procedures are already in place. Company management efforts have already taken into consideration much more than just “office” management. The company closely manages internal business processes and customer projects while still carefully managing suppliers and partner’s relationships in order to ensure price competitive availability of inventory as well as remaining updated on qualified external labor and expertise when our information might be needed.

Company Staff has constantly demonstrated proven management capabilities in supporting our customers and in running internal company business. These capabilities have provided the organization with guidelines that allow it to properly evaluate, classify, staff, implement, manage and support all opportunities presented to us in order to deliver superior services and solutions.

Furthermore, the company is constantly improving and updating its management procedures based on new opportunities, and changes in mission requirements by educating our personal in order to ensure that they are responsive to clients’ requirements. To this end, they utilize an Integrated Product Team (IPT) approach, which is an effective tool for quick problem identification and encourages close working relationships between all participants.

In addition the company has always used “QuickBooks” with full Cost Accounting Principles and continues to fully implement their process consequently, we have added more vigor and structure to our Accounting processes and at the same time, it is making it much easier to respond to and comply with government Cost Plus and Time & Materials type contracts.

The company also continues to work with the local Small Business Development Centers (SBDC’) to leverage their expertise and experience in helping our organization to improve its processes and practices. They have encourage us by validating our company’s success and direction, simply by utilizing their information, and for that we are very appreciative.

Consequently, SPECCO has evolved from a single business model to multiple models and from a single product line to hundreds of products and technologies. By utilizing their information our company has been able to offer our customers a complete, end-to-end solution base with superior service and value. In summary, our company has matured by learning to be innovative, flexible and effective and this approach has allowed us to slowly achieve our goals.