About Us


Special Projects Engineering and Construction Company

SPECCO ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. is a team of dynamic professional engineers, environmentalists, and scientists dedicated to the management, consulting, water & waste-water treatment & conceptual design and project developments of environmental issues for government and private enterprise.

Founded in 1996, we offer personalized services guaranteed to satisfy our customer’s environmental needs.

Our division Treatment Systems is dedicated to the sale, installation and maintenance of water, storm water and waste-water treatment systems & equipment as well as Green Infrastructure Products and Solutions.

We are professionally registered in Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Puerto Rico and in the U. S. Virgin Islands for the practice of engineering.

Our Purpose

Philosophy and Guiding Principles

SPECCO ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. is dedicated to provide environmental, sanitary and sustainable engineering services to a selected group of customers, home, commercial and industrial.

Offering rapid response, versatile action, and innovative thinking and superior experience. Oriented towards the cost reductive execution of special projects. Providing effective council and efficient solutions to our customer’s day-to-day environmental needs.

Committed to establish and preserve lasting client relations based upon trust and mutual benefits. Proposed at all times, to the pursuit of quality, the satisfaction of our clients and “to go the extra mile” to perform a timely job well done.

Purporting respect, honesty, cordiality, understanding, consideration & professionalism towards all. Intent on growth towards the capacity to undertake any sizable project, yet retain a very personal contact with our customers, always.

Johan Avina

“Specco Environmental, Inc. performance has exceeded the expectation of Horizon Lines. Specco has demonstrated to be an excellent Contractor in the Environmental Area by delivering quality services and qualified personnel that have completed each task ordered in a timely manner and being cost effective”.

 Horizon Lineshttp://www.horizonlines.com/

Tom Johnsan

“This Contractor has consistently gone above and beyond expectations on multiple contracts in multiple markets in the past few years. They have also stepped in where others have failed to manage and execute deliverables, and have done so under extremely tight timelines. I cannot speak highly enough about this group. The have consistently performed and have been a pleasure to work with”.

 AW Solutions, Inc.http://awsolutionsinc.com/

Our Mission

SPECCO’s mission is to provide environmental, sanitary and sustainable engineering services that have proven to be innovative and cost effective. We offer creative and flexible ideas and solutions in order to enhance our customers’ capabilities, efficiencies and competiveness that will lead to overall success.

We will achieve this by recruiting and retaining a talented workforce, and by partnering with companies that offer compatible solutions and rapid responses, versatile action, innovative thinking, cutting edge technology, continuous education, and vast and extensive experience.

We are continuingly committed and oriented towards restoration, maintenance, and support our environment and the cost reductive execution of special projects. Our promise is to provide effective council and efficient solutions to our customer’s day-to-day environmental needs.

Our objective is to become a trusted partner while ensuring the customer’s success and our environment’s preservation by promulgating developments that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.