Public Sector and Local Government

Specco partners with national, state and local governments throughout the USA, PR and USVI to provide technical, operational and professional management solutions. Our multi-disciplined professionals understand the social, political, and economic realities of the global communities they work in, delivering practical solutions targeted to local needs.

Funding shortfalls and increased need are forcing state, county and local governments to do more with less. Specco has been helping government clients to do just that for years. We help our clients to maximize available funding to get the most out of each project completed. We fully understand that this requires not only excellent technical skills, but also a project management approach that will keep completion and delivery of projects on time and on budget.

With our multi-discipline environmental capabilities, Specco can help you conceptualize, plan, design, and develop your environmental needs. We work from the ground up, conception to completion, on public sector projects that improve the safety, efficiency, and functionality.

Specco professionals are knowledgeable in local, state and federal regulations and permitting programs involved with environmental, land development, utilities, stormwater management, wetlands, soil erosion control, and permit applications among others. We understand the complexities of doing work for the government, and help our clients to navigate the complicated processes necessary to gain both the funding and approvals necessary to bring projects to realization. We also bring our clients perspectives into how to better maintain and preserve the environment through sustainable and green design. This approach provides annual operational energy savings to our clients.

Specco’s strength in project management is an essential component of our success in government projects. Specco managers take a global systems approach to each assignment, looking at not only the project itself but how it impacts the environment around it. We understand the difficult balance between what the community needs and controlling the costs and schedules necessary to do so. Our passion for engineering, commitment to serving the communities where we live, work, and play, and dedication to preserving the environment comes through in each project completed.

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Cities and Counties of Puerto Rico

Assist various cities and counties of Puerto Rico with the development and implementation of a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) compliant with NPDES Phase II regulations. Upon completion of the SWMP the database and plan was provided to staff, who were then trained on use, maintenance, and update of the system and BMPs. The SWMP described how they will control the quality of storm water of the counties and cities discharged from the MS4s.

Now Serving the Cities and Counties in the State of Florida