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SPECCO provides Environmental Compliance services for the construction and/or existing Cell Tower Sites located throughout Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Florida. Environmental Services include; wetland delineation services, NEPA Compliance including preparation of EIS, Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Archaeological Studies, Fish and Wildlife Services Consultation, Tribal Consultation, State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Permits and Flora & Fauna Studies. Specco has a continuing contract with them to provide this services as requested per our client AW Solutions Inc.

Our role in the permitting process includes an initial site assessment on the feasibility of permitting a project and identifying key requirements for approval. SPECCO scientists are well versed in a variety of state and federally-Endangered, Threatened, and Sensitive species, and we employ a variety of sampling and survey techniques when performing wetland and other natural resource assessments, vegetation community analyses, and special status focused botanical and wildlife surveys. Our experience has allowed us to excel in the field of environmental resource permitting, terrestrial and wetlands mitigation assessment and environmental compliance monitoring, bringing value to any project.

Environmental work performed for submittal to the state and federal environmental agencies were completed under strict quality control and quality assurance plans to ensure that scientific data collected was valid and legally defensible. Technical writing was an essential component of these projects for the purpose of summarizing and documenting the work through reports, technical publications, fact sheets and presentations.